The Pursuit of Perfection

This post is dated 7/17/16 and was taken from my old blog.

We live in a society where we are bombarded by images of “perfection”. We are spoon-fed society’s ideals on the daily, whether it be on TV, the big screen, in our favorite magazines, and even on our own phones. But we have two choices: to try to conform to this vision of “perfect” or to whole-heartedly embrace who we are and what we believe in.

As a woman, the pressure to succumb to the former is ever stronger. With social media apps like Instagram providing a continuous feed of “perfect” models, singers, actresses, oh and let’s not forget our friends, it’s hard not to whimper away into a corner every once in a while in a pity party of self-doubt.

But that is not what this society needs. By feeling inadequate and succumbing to this elephant on our chests, because I would contend the pressure can feel that strong at times, we are feeding the machine. We are showing that we as women are weak, that we were made for man’s enjoyment, and that no amount of intellect, wit, or humor can ever change the fact that we are simply a piece of ass.

I lived years of my life believing that if I maintained a certain waist size, I was a strong woman who could be seen as beautiful. No matter what else was going on in my life, I always could fall back on the fact that I was thin, so what else really mattered right? Men would still find me attractive, and isn’t that my goal in life as a woman?

But boy was I wrong. I was feeding my ego. I was allowing myself to believe the opposite of what is true: that looking “perfect” meant strength. That starving myself, fucking up my hormones, and being a real prick to the people that loved me meant strength.

But somehow I was able to dig myself out of the dark disillusioned hole I was living in and see the light. And I am never going back.

Being a free, independent, smart, considerate, creative, and compassionate spirit is what this world needs. If you happen to also have a Barbie doll physique at the same time, then props to you sugar plum. But trying to change yourself to meet this unrealistic societal ideal of perfection will never, I repeat NEVER, make you happy. Your inner light will always fight back, and a deeper hole will exist inside you until you give into your True north.

So ladies, men, whoever and whatever you are, be your authentic selves, and the world will drop to its knees in awe of your light. As Holden Caulfield would say, we don’t need any more phonies.

Several years ago I started writing a novel (you are permitted to chuckle), but bits and pieces of it still resonate with me. So I’ll leave you with this:

“Sometimes I feel like freedom is what we lack most in our lives. Cage a bird and it will live it’s whole life believing it can’t fly, that’s it’s worthless. But let it free and it will soar high and sing songs of liberty. That’s what I think when I hear people say or do wrong. They don’t have the freedom to see they can do right.”

You have the freedom to be the amazing, creative person that you are. Many of us cage ourselves and deprive ourselves of this freedom. 

Choose to soar high, even if the wind is blowing against you.

— Jordan

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