Jordan’s Top 5 Cups of Coffee in Chicago

Happy Wednesday!

With more and more of my friends moving to Chicago to start new jobs (I’m so excited and happy to have them here!), I’m starting to get questions about the best in Chicago. So today I’m going to start by highlighting my favorite coffee spots in Chicago. I hope you guys check them out!

Sawada Coffee

Sawada is my all-time favorite coffee shop in Chicago. Nestled in the West Loop on Green Street, it is named after Hiroshi Sawada, a world renowned barista and latte art expert. I usually get an iced vanilla latte or a military latte, a matcha latte with espresso, whose fitting name is derived from the latte’s camouflage appearance (or at least that’s what I’ve inferred). Be sure to try an iced military latte to cool off during these hot summer days…and don’t forget to order a melt-in-your-mouth Doughnut Vault doughnut with your coffee (they are my favorite donuts in the city)!

Iced Military Lattes

Limitless Coffee & Tea

Also located in the West Loop (can you tell I have neighborhood bias?), Limitless Coffee & Tea not only offers the cutest and most delicious coffee menu, but also serves drool-worthy bites. Want another reason to check it out? The shop itself is adorable and specifically curated to help you get work done. They even have white boards at some of the high tables to keep you on track while sipping on their energizing brews.

grilled cheese & cortado
peanut butter, banana & coconut toast & iced raspberry latte

La Colombe

Thought there couldn’t be another coffee shop in the West Loop that I love? Think again! La Colombe is another one of my West Loop favs, although they have multiple locations throughout the city. My favorite La Colombe order is the Oat Milk Black & Tan. This tasty and refreshing concoction consists of half cold brew and half oat milk. It’s basically a latte, but made with cold brew instead of espresso (what could be better?!).

Goddess and the Baker

Iced Vanilla Latte & Banana Bread

Goddess is equally known for their amazing meals, treats & coffee. If you haven’t tried their rainbow cake, you NEED to get over there! And if you’re a fan of Instagram-worthy coffees, this is the place for you. Their lattes are equally cute as they are tasty (glitter gold latte, anyone?). Last but not least, there food is just as healthy as it is drool-worthy. I love the caprese omelette for breakfast and the baker’s chopped salad for lunch.


Cappuccino & Scone

Many of you may know Colectivo as a Wisconsin staple, but fortunate for all of my fellow Badgers living in Chicago, this hip coffee joint has several cafes throughout Chicagoland. My favorite of their cafes is the Lincoln Park location, but that’s probably because I haven’t been to any of the others (lol)! This hip spot is only a short walk from my boyfriend’s apartment, so I used to go there almost every weekend before I moved to the West Loop. And for all of my Wicker Park peeps, they recently opened a new location in Wicker! My go-to order at Colectivo (or Tivo as some of us call it) is an iced vanilla latte and a scone or muffin. And for breakfast, I can’t leave without one of their AMAZING breakfast burritos. Just thinking about it has me wanting to scoot my butt over to Colectivo!

If you visit any of these coffee shops, please tag me in your photos with the hashtag #jncoffee. It warms my heart when you guys take my recommendations and end up loving them!


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